Wilkinson County Clerk of Court

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USE THE FORMS ON THIS SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK: In no event will the Court Administrator, Clerk of Court or any person contributing to the development of these forms or instructions be liable for any damages resulting from the use of this packet. These forms may not be appropriate for your particular case. In addition, due to the changing nature of the law, the information in these instructions and forms may be or become outdated. You should review any statutes (laws) mentioned in the packets to make sure the forms are current. It is strongly recommended that you obtain the services of an attorney.

Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit Order Establishing guidelines
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Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit Uniform Superior Court Rule 22
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Bulk Lien eFiling is now available!
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Bulk Lien eFiling  


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Official Organ; Important Iinks; Child Support Services; Ocmulgee CASA
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Official Legal Organ 

The Official Legal Organ of Wilkinson County is the Wilkinson County Post.

Wilkinson County Post

Post Office Box 224

Irwinton, GA 31042Phone: 478-946-7272Fax: 478-946-7220

email: post@windstream.net or wilcopost@gmail.com

Real Estate and UCC Index

Passport Applications www.travel.state.gov

Laws & Procedures Notary Public Online Application Site www.gsccca.org

Find Property in County www.gsccca.org

Juror Affidavit

Trade Name Registration

Child Support Calculator

Military Affidavit; Recording DD214

UCC eFiling


Office of Child Support Services Ocmulgee CASA A. Douglas Newsome ADA

111 Fieldstone Drive

Milledgeville, GA 31061

Phone: 478-445-4761Fax: 478-445-4806  

Lori Maxey MuggridgeDirector

Ocmulgee CASA

100 ABC Drive

P O Box 1586

Milledgeville, GA  31061478/452-9170 website address: www.gacasa.org

Directions to the Courthouse
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Directions to Wilkinson County Courthouse

100 Bacon Street
Irwinton, Georgia 31042


From Macon
Head southeast on US-41-BR/Walnut St toward 2nd St
Turn left at 2nd St/GA-22 E
Slight right toward Emery Hwy/US-129-ALT S/US-23 S
Slight right at Emery Hwy/US-129-ALT S/US-23 S
Turn left at GA-87-CONN/Ocmulgee E Blvd
Turn right at Jeffersonville Rd/US-80
Continue on GA-57/Irwington Rd
Continue to follow GA-57
Turn right at Hatfield St


From Milledgeville
Head west on GA-49 W/E Hancock St toward N Wayne St
Continue to follow GA-49 W
Turn left at Milledgeville W Bypass/US-441 S
Continue to follow US-441 S
Continue on US-441-BYP S
Turn left at GA-57/W Main St
Turn right at Hatfield St


From Atlanta
Take the ramp on the left onto I-75 S/I-85 S
Continue to follow I-75 S
Take exit 165 on the left for I-16 E/Jim L Gillis Hwy toward Savannah 
Merge onto I-16 E 
Take exit 2 for Coliseum Dr/Ml King Jr Blvd/US-80/GA-87 
Turn left at Coliseum Dr
Turn right at Emery Hwy/US-129-ALT S/US-23 S
Turn left at GA-87-CONN/Ocmulgee E Blvd 
Turn right at Jeffersonville Rd/US-80 
Continue on GA-57/Irwington Rd
Continue to follow GA-57 
Turn right at Hatfield St
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  • Felony and Misdemeanor criminal proceedings
  • Civil actions 
  • Garnishments
  • Domestic actions
  • Name changes
  • Family violence actions
  • Land registrations
  • Land condemnations
  • Uniform support for dependant children
  • Land records, including historical records, charters, financing statements, executions, federal and state tax liens, hospital liens and other materials mandated by law to be recorded collection of fines, filing fees associated with the various cases and real estate transactions, Georgia transfer tax and intangible tax.
  • Notary Public appointments
    For information concerning notaries see the link indicated on the Clerk section.  If a notary moves to a new address within the county of his or her commission as a notary, or if his or her telephone number changes, the notary must notify the Clerk of the Superior Court in that county of the old address and the new address.  The notary must also send a copy of the change of address letter to the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Association.  The letter has to be done within 30 days.   Also if the notary has a change in their name, they must notify the Clerk of the old name, the new name, the new signature and any new address.  A copy of that letter has to be sent to the GSCCCA also.  The notary can not sign the new name until the Clerk has received the notice of change, the confirmation of the name change has been received from the Clerk, and a new seal in the new name has been obtained.
  • Criminal History Search Policy
Georgia Secure License & ID Cards
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Georgia Dept of Driver Services (DDS) Launches Secure ID Program for GA Drivers License & ID Cards


Starting July 3, 2012, all Georgia residents who are applying for their first GA Drivers License (DL) and/or Identification Card (ID), and those who are renewing an existing GA DL/ID, or who are reinstating a suspended DL, will be issued a Secure ID.

A Secure ID ensures that Georgia will continue to produce the most secure Driver's License's (DL) and identification (ID) cards that our state has ever produced.  It will also place Georgia in compliance with the Federal Real ID Act of 2005, which prohibits the federal government from accepting drivers licenses or IDs issued by non-compliant states to board a commercial flight or enter a federal building.  The new Secure ID process will be phased-in with existing licenses and IDs remaining valid until the expiration date.

For more information on the new Secure ID,  frequently asked questions and the DDS brochure click this link http://www.dds.ga.gov/secureid/index.aspx and this will take you to the documents.


UCC eFiling
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UCC eFiling is now available in Wilkinson County! 

File your UCCs from the convenience of your office or home!

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The Superior Court Clerks’ Association of Georgia, Inc. wants to inform the state’s citizens of the existence of private companies sending letters to home and property owners offering a retrieval service to provide the property owner with a copy of their “Grant Deed”. 

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